Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates incorporates a specialized piece of equipment called a “reformer”. It is designed to enhance core strength, flexibility, and strength. Developed from the original Mat Pilates created by Joseph Pilates, Reformer Pilates utilizes adjustable springs that provide resistance, requiring controlled movements that help build strength and improve muscle tone. This is a low impact class, and is suitable for all fitness levels.

What You Need To Know

Your Reformer Pilates class will be 55 minutes. Class begins by warming up the feet and the lower body. You will gradually move through various exercises focusing on the deep abdominals (back, pelvic floor) and the upper body, ending with lower body-focused exercises. Your instructor will guide you through the movements by providing the spring resistance while assisting you with the mind-body connection. Your breath will be paired with the movement in order to do the exercise correctly. Your instructor will provide hands on assistance if permitted and will ensure you are getting the benefits of the movement. Modifications and advancements are always provided. The class will end with stretching and a cool-down.

What to bring

  • sticky socks
  • water
  • sweat towel

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