Indoor Cycling

A high-energy, group fitness experience on the best indoor cycling bikes in the industry, Stages 2.0. Class will provide an intense cardiovascular workout that improves endurance, strength, and overall fitness. This class incorporates various drills utilizing resistance, choreography, and the beat of the music. Class takes place in the dark with lights and loud music. We like to say it’s a party on a bike. This is a great time to zone out and focus on yourself and what you need that day. You’ll experience improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, calorie burning, leg muscle strengthening, and stress reduction. Suitable for all fitness levels, resistance and intensity can be adjusted to individual capabilities.

What You Need To Know

During your first few classes, your instructor will assist with finding your optimal bike setup to ensure the best experience for your ride. This 45-minute class will begin with a warm-up to prepare for your cardio session. You will quickly move into choreography and interval drills. If you are taking an Arms + Intervals class, your class will be broken up with a weight section where you will utilize light weights as you slowly pedal, giving your legs a “break”. Keep up with the studio schedule, sometimes we throw in a theme ride!

What to bring

  • clean tennis shoes or indoor cycling shoes (SPD compatible)- outside shoes not permitted into the spin room. We ask that you bring a separate pair of shoes.
  • water
  • sweat towel

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