Strength Training

Our training sessions are split into small group sessions. You will experience 45 minutes to an hour of heavy resistance training. Also known as strength training, is a form of exercise that involves applying resistance to your muscles to improve strength, endurance, and muscle definition. Resistance is the force that opposes muscle contraction, whether that is from dumbbells, machines, bands, or body weight. To see the increase in strength, you will be guided through proper progression, gradually increasing the resistance over time. Your class will consist of reps and sets of various movements targeting all muscle groups. You will take breaks during your sets to give your body a chance to recover. Resistance training has shown many health benefits such as improved muscle strength, improved muscle tone, enhanced metabolism, improved bone density, injury prevention, increased mental well-being, and improved balance and mobility. There is a common misconception for women that lifting weights will make you “bulky”. Don’t let the fear of bulking prevent you from the benefits of strength training. Trust us, you will not get bulky!

What You Need To Know

Your training session will be 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll begin with a dynamic warm-up and some static stretching to prepare you for your session. Your trainer will progressively move you through a series of exercises. The exercises are written on a whiteboard to allow you to work at your own pace. You will prioritize your own movement and complete the exercises at your own speed. Your trainer will provide hands-on assistance if permitted and will provide valuable corrections and knowledge about the muscles you are working. Aside from getting a good workout, the goal is to gain knowledge about proper resistance training, how the body moves, and how our day-to-day movements impact our body. Through strength training, we hope to improve muscle imbalances and postural issues. Your class will end with more stretching and a cool-down. Check out the benefits of strength training!

What to bring

  • clean tennis shoes-outside shoes will not be permitted into the studio, we ask that you bring a separate pair of shoes
  • water
  • sweat towel

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