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Barre-60 minutes

This low impact full-body workout uses isometric movements and light weights to strengthen and sculpt all while set to the beat of high energy music. This class is ideal for someone new to barre or those who prefer a slower paced class.

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Pulse Barre

Pulse Barre-60 minutes

This fast-paced full-body workout incorporates isometric movements, light weights and additional props to strengthen and sculpt. HIIT, combo movements and more cardio are added to get the heart rate up for optimal fat burning. Pulse Barre is ideal for those looking to improve endurance, coordination and balance. Experience in Barre strongly recommended.

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Rhythm Ride

Rhythm Ride-45 minutes

This is a 45 minute Indoor Cycling class with added choreography to the beat of the music. This is a party on a bike. The lights are off and the ride is for you! No judgment! Anyone can ride!

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TRX-45 minutes

Total Resistance Exercise. This full body 45 minute class utilizes suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at the same time. All experience levels welcome.

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Power Hour

Power Hour-60 minutes

This high intensity heavy lifting workout will engage and challenge your body. Each class is separated into Upper Body and Lower Body. Heavier weights along with lower reps are incorporated. Drop sets and supersets are also incorporated to focus on strength. This is not a barre class. This class is ideal for those wanting to increase muscle mass.

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